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the good the bad the ugly

February 11th, 2014 at 07:15 pm

hi all,

Back to tracking things so I can review this later and learn some stuff and maybe you can learn from watching.


k.. starting Dr Atkins for a week. get a jump start on things.. I am working out which feels good but got to lose those 8 lbs I picked up w the short refinance 6 month saga

GOALS.. (still firming these up) but for sure $18k to personal emergency and $36k to rental emergency fund

Should be able to complete personal emergency fund by April 1

I will be so much more secure these funds built.. hello??!!.., why did I not think of this before

I DID contribute $3500 to Roth this January and for now keeping 401k at 10% (get 3% over that from work too) will likely decrease once 2 flat drops off (3 months??)

'6 homes'.. one renter lost his job.. paid his rent but represents a risk.. property manager is talking to him today to see how we look for next month or if we need to take aggressive action. I talk to Prop Mgr at 6

'3 units'.. one renter did not pay rent this month. these are the buildings I have that super old timer prop mgr on. nice older lady. straight as a whip.. she says she will have it worked out by Friday. she knows this guy and his Mom and he has lived there for 6 years already. 5 day notice hoping for resolution in some way. also discussed raising rent strategy. we will start raising w the first renewal in April and have many in the Fall. also going to get the Fall ones to renew on a year and 1/2 or something so they are stagggered. right now 4 people have leases ending in November. not good.

My house is a ranch so lower angle roof.. had to install gutter roof heaters last week ($290) to prevent water dams etc.. VERY bad winter

one of the 6 homes (they pay rent). the water companies lines froze (theirs not mine) and they have been out there trying to fix it for the past 2 weeks but bringing water in the meantme.. they are digging up all sorts of holes in the yard but the city attorney is involved (I called) and they will be fixing the landscape, giving this lady 1 year free water and reimbursing my costs to prove it was not my pipes that froze. Why don't I get 1 year free costs!! Smile

So.. some excitement and risk but to be expected w 6 homes and 2 3 units and being managed but would be AWESOME if I had those funds built and of course had these paid off, had thousands in investmnts etc etc.. but I am where I am at

May sell Genesis.. still thinking but can not even get it down the driveway right now or on the street w the snow... so on hold.


Goal this week
1. visit costco. see if worth it
2. look into Chase Freedom/Sapphire, see if worth it
3. form a plan to start my consulting again /$120/hr.
4. pay all rental bills.. and GET ORGANIZED w a routine.. way disorganized this month.. crazy w the house and work
5. figure out an easy plan to track unfixed costs.. tried Mint. not liking it. may do Excel.

4 Responses to “the good the bad the ugly”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I'd avoid credit cards if you are coming off a bankruptcy, likely to get a high rate or denied. Get things in order before you apply for more credit.

    Also what FREE costs would you get if offered by the utility. All the can do is give free water and reimburse repairs. What are YOU paying for that you expect to now get for free that they aren't already giving? I guess I'm just not following.

  2. Rachael777 Says:

    ANY free costs would be great.. just making a general light hearted comment..Smile
    and agree w concerns w adding more credit .. I have rebuilt my credit so have a score of 710 (w non rebate cards) getting jealous of all these folks getting $500+back..I will look into it.. prefer the account rewards though.

  3. Rachael777 Says:

    Just looked.. you,Creditcardfree, are actually who I read that Sapphire card info on.., $510 bonus.. wow..

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    Sorry I misunderstood the light hearted intention of the comment!

    Our credit scores are in the 800s. One new card isn't a big deal, but if you will be refinancing in a year or so, I would be careful about opening LOTS of cards. It could look odd to a lender.

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