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Some random thoughts. power of intent

February 8th, 2014 at 12:34 am

Hi guys.

Been quiet a while as I am SWAMPED at work (from doing very little the past 4 weeks) and getting over the shock of this house I bought.. also was getting a little down and started losing my confidence a bit w my plan. I want the advice but can not lose my confidence so took a break there and learning.. growing on my own too.lots of good resources folks have referred me too.I would not have started the 401k, Roth and some other stuff without the support of this blog or accountability

I strongly believe in the power of intent (the book by Esther and Jerry Hicks) and the phrase 'if you beleive you can you can'.. can not really get super far when you are afraid you are going to fail or focusing on negative.. so acknowledging the challenges but shifting my focus towards 'I can do it' and solving them

This years goals are in flux.. but I am starting to think about the following
1. Finish personal emergency fund by April 1
2. Build rental fund to $36k AND THEN start saving/investing

so until then.. pretty much all savings goes there

I feel comfortable w that... actually having a $36k rental emergency fund would feel SUPER AWESOME!! WOw!! Very good ideas (thanks to the readers who suggestd it)

Also will ask for extension in March (boss is gone all month April) feel good I will get it but will know then so can start looking if need be

Other than that.. gained (cringe).. probably 8 pounds these past 4-5 months ( I tend to stress eat .. shhh! Smile )of the 'house saga' but on a good note I tend to be fit and trim and already got my work out room set up.. and been starting again so feel it dropping already. I am so excited about my workout room and that I can settle in the house. already having folks over.feels good

Feel like calling my ex (I will) and say I got the house. We are on good terms and he knows how hard/insane the road . So excited!

Life is good.. getting 'settled'.. and figuring out 'the plan'.. need to get that emergency fund built and work on tightening up the rentals.. being proactve... learning and getting ORGANIZED.. Lot to do but also want to enjoy life a little.. Wow I did it (w the house)..

All rents in though so feeling good..and winter is almost over (feels great!)

Here is to living and learning and moving on.

Good to read everyones posts and blogs.. lots of success out there. immpressed w Petunia100 and her month budget and actuals. I need to post that!!

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I think holding off on the investing for a few months to get those emergency funds in place is a VERY good idea. I know I would be really scared with your situation without some major cash set aside. Cheering you on for lots of cash flowing your way!

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