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House update-closing tomorrow

January 30th, 2014 at 11:43 pm

Hi all.

Closing tomorrow at 1pm central time (but still do not have closing docs. they say they will send tonight or first thing.)

A little anxious.

Will take out $21850 in cashiers check for closing
$17850 points
$4000 misc unknown costs (hopefully less!so get to take some of this back)

On a high note the old lender has paid my insurance for a year and is not asking for a refund so insurance is prepaid.

I will put the rest of my savings in a tax escrow $10k

I get paid tomorrow too

First payment on the new loan March 1.. $2970

Need to exit that loan asap.. yearish


i am seeing a financial advisor tonight (set up after reading Tasha's post) bad night for it as I am wiped but still going..

I will grab a book on the way home and am seriously contemplating taking tommorrow off as sick, partially sick or work at home. .. really want ad need a 'break'. I just want to feel I can 'sit down' and relax.

I will update after close and feel excited when I can say 'wow I really did it' once I am complete w that.. has not really sunk in yet.

thanks for the help. think of me at 1 central.. prayers no more issues crop up.

4 Responses to “House update-closing tomorrow”

  1. Another Reader Says:

    What kind of financial advisor are you seeing? What is your reason for doing this? I would be very careful, especially if they have products to sell you. Many people that call themselves financial advisors do not have a fiduciary responsibility to you. Their responsibility is to their company and they have an incentive to sell you certain products. In your shoes, I would collect information and leave it at that until you have had a chance to review what is provided.

    Get the house done tomorrow and then relax.

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    Fingers crossed!

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Our lender was down to the wire to meet our closing on this house. I kept asking what amount I needed to bring to closing because I needed to wire the money. About an hour and a half before, they said $0, because we were getting a check back...too much in escrow.

    I will be happy when you are done with stressful! I agree with Another Reader about the financial advisor. Generally, it is better to pay a flat fee for advise. If they 'sell' you on a product...such as whole life insurance, or a mutual fund, I would at least do your homework before making an agreement. There are fees for some of these types of products. Read the prospectus for that information.

  4. Carol Says:

    Best of luck that it goes as smoothly as it can. I agree with the others that seeing a financial advisor tomorrow may just add to your stress. You might want to take some time to let the dust settle. As Creditcardfree says definitely find out how they are paid and be careful!

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