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Update-broker called

January 25th, 2014 at 11:33 pm


Broker called. He is at some lenders convention in Dallas and the PRESIDENT of the company we are going through for the loan was there and they had lunch. President said they really liked the deal, neighborhood and the house and will Definately look at realtor report.. also said he may go to 70% to do the deal. Realtor sent me a text asking for my email addy and is sending me questions tonight for his report. Target for his report Monday 3pm

I want $312k.. 65% of 480k or 70% of 445k

This means I only have to come up with $7-8 grand and $10 k tax escrow (that I hold) and $1060 for insurance.

FINGERS CROSSED and prayers.

Payment tho w $312k is $3120.. need to exit loan asap!!! (but looks like have to hold it a year).. need to get rid of that 2 flat and continue to verify the loan requirements for my exit lender so I am sure to meet them.

312k at 7% is only $2075 or 6% $1870


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