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Investing in the new year<--need to kick it into a higher gear to reach goal

December 26th, 2013 at 03:37 pm

Hi All.

Today I start 'looking for the money' for my house deal.. fingers crossed for 'not crazy rates'.. 6-8 would be IDEAL!! Prayers..

I am also going to start investing some of my cash reserves vs parking them at Barclays (still a good choice but only pays .09% )but I have only 4 years left of my 5 year goal and need some extra 'umph' to reach my $300k cash goal. Any cash I have now will likely be consumed this month with the house downpayment/fees or will again be starting from almost zero.

I have $64k parked at Barclays. (some of which is my security deposits/tax escrow so not reflected in networth).. the rest are various emergency funds and savings.

I think I can take $10k of the security deposit escrow and invest it.. also will start investing with my ROTH IRA.. everything else will remain parked

Investing strategy is the Dogs of the Dow approach.. hoping for 20% and up returns!

Really excited.. and once the house works out will start investing more but now need to conserve as much cash as I can for that big (HUGE) unknown.

Essentially if this approach works and I can get an average of 20% returns.. once I have $150k in the market I am just 4 years off from my $300k.. so need to get cracking on saving (of course once the house clarifies). I am also 10 years away from $929k without further contributions once I have $150k working for me.

What a wild crazy year it has been! I know some of you think my methods are a little crazy and certainly risky . but I set my goal and AM going to reach it.

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