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Networth Goals and MISC Goals for 2014

December 18th, 2013 at 09:28 pm

Hi all,

Here are my goals. I know I do not have year end numbers yet. but an anticipating ending 2013 around $145k

Networth Goal for 12/2014- $275,000. This is $135,000 MORE than where I expect to end up this year

$135k is comprised of:

$72,031 debt reduction in homes/3 units w normal payments
$24,000 additional misc savings
$8,800 additional 401k
$3,000 additional ROTH IRA
$27,169 (unknown sources)

Unknowns or mitigating factors
1. unknown if my house will work out or not (buy it from bank)**HUGE UNKNOWN**.. effects everything!
2. current work contract only goes through 6/14

1. fully fund my emergency account by 6/14-$16,000 total
2. $7,500 worth of improvements (vs repairs) to 6 homes

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