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Musings, short payoff, 2 flat, 401k, car etc and Saving Money

December 17th, 2013 at 08:25 pm

Hi all,

I have decided to hang on to the car until I hear on the short payoff w my house. I am now at $285k. hoping to hear Friday or Monday (fingers and toes crossed) if the bank accepts the offer. If not,. I am hoping for a counter.. Just want to STABILIZE!!

I am letting go of the 2 flat .. it is in foreclosure (I have never mentioned this one before.. was owned by me and ex.. house worth less than what is owed and rents will not pay for it) and I was having an attorney delay the foreclosure. I decided to let it go.. partly because the city wants me to install an egress window ($2k) and partly because I am just sortof 'done' and want to move on and partly because if my house works out. I can only refinance out of whatever hard money loan I get a year AFTER my last foreclosure (2 flat) so need to start that clock ticking. Letting it go means discontinueing attorney involvement.. telling city I am not doing the egress window (giving renter 60 days + to move out) and giving bank the deed back (est 4-6 months process dependent on if I get My house worked out.I can speed it up then if need be)

Started contributing to the 401k today.. 8% scary but only $250 per paychedck reduction (still seems HUGE). I can always change it. Work gives 3%

Reading the 'automatic millionaire' and doing the 'latte challenge".. categorizing all those small things you buy.I spend at least $1.08 a day for diet soda at McDonalds every day and at least $3 for lunch every day (except weekends). need to get food and soda in the house or eliminate that or reduce my costs that is crazy and not super healthy.

upped monthly contribution to emergency fund to $46 a month

and closing my not for profit down (transferring it to another not for profit). VERY sad. mixed feelings but definately the thing to do.

All the updates for right now.

Finishing Christmas today/tomorrow..sending stuff.. buying stuff etc.. wrapping..

Onward guys! Smile

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