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updates-rearranging money and auto deposits

December 5th, 2013 at 06:14 pm

Hi all,


We think we have a good renter for the house (remember the insane-foundation-work house).. fingers crossed.. will finalize and likely know tomorrow. they live somewhre else now and have asked to move in Jan 1 . We are saying we have someone else that wants to move in now (which we do) but she is w Section 8 and will likely take a few days etc and will pay less rent and rent is fixed at the low rate for a few years and we have these insane 'inspections' every year so better to take this house out of s8.. Goal was to take 3 of the 6 out of Section 8 anyway. . Anyway I need RENT NOW...

3 units calming down. no new news.. just large expenses last month w tree falling

Put $25 savings from car insurance switch to Allstate into an auto withdrawal into my emergency savings

No news on my house yet (trying to see if bank will take $260k) should know late next week then havve to get money. Zillow says it is worth $433k..PRAYERS

Also I have my security deposits and tax escrow in a essentially zero interest account right now. I am switching over $10k of that into Barclays (.9 interest) to make some money off that large amount.

I do NOT show that on the left as it is technically just money I am holding for taxes or renters... not mine.

Hoping to have SUPER AWESOME news soon on the renter and my own house.

take care guys. Onward!


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