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Murphys Law in spades!

November 18th, 2013 at 01:13 am

HI all,

I am struggling here.

Good news

1. house foundation work will be complete tomorrow (that was the update Saturday) we just had a massive storm though.. PRAYING HOUSE IS OK
2. looking good for a renter in this place next week
3. also looks good to rent the garage separately.. means an extra #100 a month
4.short refinance is looking better.. not for sure yet but looking better.. (scary times). appraisal Thursday (should pass) and then I have to pay 3 trial payments in a lump sum(see below bad news) and then it goes to the underwriter for final approval and close date

BAD NEWS (keeps coming)


1. still have to come up with the $6k (rest of payment) for the foundation work
2. short refinance requires 3 trial payments.. 2 upfront $6k and one certified check brought to close
3.short refinance also rquires $11k 'buyer contribution'
4. a TREE fell across the 3 units. I have owned them less than 3 weeks and a tree falls on them?? crazy...They are insured but my deductible is $5k (more standard on rental polices).. looks like that
did not pay off.. so more money but talking to the manager and looks like here are the costs (1) remove tree (2) check roof and fix small crack in drywall (hoping there is no major roof damage!!.. roof new as of 2008). I am seeing the damage tomorrow..

Just keeps coming. I need to have these extra costs stop! and get some extra income and stabilize..

Too much money to have to come up with in such a short time frame... essentially $26k.. if you look I have only $30k savings....scary.. need to stop the bleeding

talked to my accountant yesterday (pre-tree falling) and I was feeling stressed then with the short refinance money requirements and he said (paraphrasing) you are trying to set yourself up in 5 years to retire.. it is going to be hard and you are going to be short.. just hang in there.

Vote of confidence felt good but SCARY TIME right now

need the rental filld and no more large expenses and to 'settle' and start saving again.


A friend owes me $5750.. hopig praying he comes through soon

Someone else owes me $5k.. asking for that too

and with the closing of the not for profit business.. I should get $8-11k..

Prayers!.. (looking around for stuff to sell now)

3 Responses to “Murphys Law in spades!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Yikes, I would be stressed beyond belief with all of that. Wishing you the best...especially getting that money owed to you.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Hope things work out for you. I can understand your stress.

  3. momcents Says:

    What were to happen if you were to extend your goal to ten years? You are definitely in the process of achieving what you want, but I think that you may be setting yourself up for failure give the aggressive timeline. I would definitely feel stressed if I were you.

    Who is your insurance provider? I had the worst luck with State Farm when a tree fell onto our rental property putting a hole in the roof. That was three years back, and we are now with Foremost. No complaints.

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