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Net Worth Update

October 31st, 2013 at 06:52 pm

Hi guys

Networth update.. $132,611. I am 43 and trying to rebuild as fast as I can..

I buy the 2 3-units TOMMORROW!! scary/exciting stuff

If my plan works (got almost 5 years to go) I will have $5500 cash flow from the rentals in 5 years..

No word on my own house (the short refinance. I need to clarify that ASAP).

Paid off the warranty this month. Still paying extra on the car but want to get that paid down ASAP.

Fully funded 6 homes large expense fund and moved to interest bearing account

$4000 total in emergency fund (need $15,000)

Cut auto insurance (yesterday) by $480 a year

Re quoting 6 homes and then the 3 units to see if I can lower them.

If hte house works out (where I live) I will get $400 offset on the policy cost because of multi line

Here we go

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