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Saving updates and a setback on the refinance

June 5th, 2014 at 12:00 pm

HI all,

Bad news on refinnace. Broker got mixed up and thought I could go FHA or conventional. I CAN NOT as my last foreclosure just ended last monht (year waiting period to buy, 2 year waiting period or 3 to refinance). I need to get out of this loan ASAP (this year). Anyway broker has some private money too (7%) but he is not sure if they will do this far (Illinois.. he is in NY). Fingers crossed

Savings. Svaings has slowed down considerably last month and this month as my 'house fix up/enhance the house/new beginning budget' has gone up and I had several extra costs (RE taxes on my house were higher than expected etc )then missed some income (not paid to me). Anyway I missed the 401k once last month but am back on track with that. I cut my cell bill in half (that was the only expenses left to cut outside of FOOD) and I also have an auto withdrawl of $325 a month to savings. $125 goes towards the rental emergency fund and $200 towards sharebuilder.

with increasing the rent at one of the 6 homes and getting everything back on track. I hope to have in additional $300-500 a month avail to fill up that rental emergency fund and then start saving more. And that guy sstill owes me $6000.. all of which will go towards the rental emergency fund

I am still holding $6000 for roofs (outside of #s on the left) and will do roofs once 6 homes smooth out (ie this tenant leaves and it is filled)

Also any job I get will likely be at $63-65 an hour which should net me $1000 more a month but still TIGHT and need to reduce costs and more likely increase income and get this refinance done and get rid of other hanging things (2 flat, new job and decide on what to do w my car).

I must decide on the car by end of year or start payments again or just pay it off.


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