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6 homes, 2 units rental costs and progress

June 5th, 2014 at 12:21 pm

Just did a quck look at my 6 homes/3 units costs and I guess MY PROGRESS (need to feel good)

I have owned the 6 homes since 4/2013 and the (2) 3 units since 11/2013

My plan was to switch 3 (of the 6) homes out of Section 8. I have one switched over and one on the way to switching. This shoudl result in higher rents and cost savings. I cut insurance costs by $2000 a year and increased my vacancy allowance.

Total repair vacancy allowance per month is $970 a month. This is budgetted but NOT saved to the rental emergency fund each month if not spent. If not spent . I simply save more in the NON real estate fund. I still have the $21k emergency fund for the rentals. After the 6 homes feels smoother...if I do not need that $970 in a month. I will throw it towards the rental emergency fund.

I have gone through one property manager (learned a lot) and am on the way to a new one and more learning

My net across all (if paid off) has gone up $220 so far a month (and I increased repair/vacancy allowances).. so if these were paid off (and they are not but the 6 homes will be in 3 years and 10 months and the (2) 3 units in 6 years 3 months unless I ramp it up after the 6 homes are paid off or refinance jsut to increase cash flow) ..I would have $5666 a month net income. I expect a $2-300 a month increase after we turn this next one over and OUT of section 8 and expect a DECREASE in misc repairs/costly errors with an increase in long term fixes/improvements (which may cost more up front but will minimize issues/costs long term and makes homes more attractive to buyers and renters)

I SURVIVED the first year and get one home pulled out free and clear in September (3 months away).

i have 5 more rents to raise this year at the 3 units (but likely only $10-15 each)

Thanks for listening. counting my blessings but lots of hard work left to do and the most important I thikn is just making the payments on these homes/3 units and getting my house refinanced ASAP and KEEPING employed with no breaks.

1 Responses to “6 homes, 2 units rental costs and progress”

  1. Another Reader Says:

    You are on your way! There is a lot to be said for safety and stability. Getting your house refinanced will make a huge difference. You can make up some of the difference on your hourly rate at the current employer with a couple of small consulting projects.

    I'm raising rents this year as well. Vacancy is down and no one is moving. I don't raise rents more than two or three percent unless there is a turnover, but there is now room for 10 to 15 percent increases on some of the houses if the tenant moves. Which is why no one is moving!

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