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Did not get job-feeling down

June 3rd, 2014 at 05:44 am

HI all

I did not get the job... I did well but just got 'beat out' by a guy w more specific experience. I was REALLY looking forward to leaving. having some time off and finding some SOCIAL contact or friends. I will start looking at church or activity groups to get out there..meet up. biking etc..my church recently moved and I am involved but not the extent I would like

Continue to be bothered daily by 'the guy I am seeing'.. just feeling stalled in LIFE.. sortof like I wake up with out any goals.. as you can see I am REALLY STRUGGLING right now.

I lost the ability to search my email (yahoo..known bug) so am rebuilding my email account from scratch (takes days) and as old notes come up I sometimes read them and see how I was years ago.. happy and sad.. interesting. little melancholy. gets me thinking..I read a note from 2006 when I was just starting the downhill slide and WOW.. the stress radiated right out of the email.

Finally reached old and new property managers.. everything is a go and we start today on the transition. Stressed w how that is goign to go with this late transition and new property manager asked if I wanted to wait a month. I told her I am going to change over anyhow so lets get it over with. Not sure how much cooperation I will get from the old PM

I put my job search on hold short term whille I waited for this job.,. will start again. Last job interview was $63.. first one was $65..I make $55/hr now. I will continue to target $63/65 an hour.

Onward but SERIOUSLY need to get some motivation and drive.. just 'slogging along' here.

2 Responses to “Did not get job-feeling down”

  1. laura Says:

    How does next week look for getting together? Or this weekend? Sounds like you need to get out for lunch or drinks (though I am not a drinker by any stretch of the imagination)! I've got soccer games sporadically, but let me know. Definitely look into opportunities to get out and about. And I am living through a stagnating love relationship with my best friend (I live vicariously single through her). Summer is coming so you've got lots of chances for fun. And don't worry about the job, you weren't meant to be there!

  2. TashaC. Says:

    sorry you didn't get the job. It's tough out there as we all know.

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