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Better news, property manager transition, refinance, and more jobs!

June 3rd, 2014 at 04:02 pm

Hi guys.. tried to get out of my funk today and got some stuff done.

Refreshed resume online and applied for 2 more jobs. one in NAPERVILLE!! $60/hr w remote work and possible for more than 40 hours a week.. one downtown (we went in asking for partial remote) at $65/hr. I will continue to look EVEN after interviewing for these if we get an interview..and will apply for more tomorrow.

FINGERS crossed!

Property manager transition. Old PM a bit cranky, less cooperative. New one a little stressed trying to get her arms around things (she is still waiting on phone #s and info on tenants from old PM). They did talk via phone and decided to let old PM collect rents (he already has some) and send them to me minus repairs etc. I will then pay new PM monthly fee (she may kick some back to old pm). Crazy but hopefully it works. I meet w NEW PM Saturday just to go over stuff, current issues, plan for homes etc. Feeling tentatively good things are in the works.

Section 8 tenant who we gave 30 day notice too and who old PM said was not moving out any time soon but had more than her alloted # of people in the house and therefore costing me money and stress.. I called S8 on her and in one phne call got S8 to tell her to leave by the end of the month so hopefuly turning that over shortlyy (first test for new PM.. ) Potential rent increase almost $300/month w a new tenant! I also got written guidelines for infractions that can cause someone to lose Section 8. I have 4 other homes w S8 folks (good people though) but want these guidelines for future boundary setting.

REFINANCE.. Guy called and thinks he can do it.. bank is calling me tomorrow to verify things and get details.. final details and RATE maybe as soon as this week or next. he submitted at 5%%!!!!


Also got 'increase rent forms' from Section 8 so will see if I can get a rent increase (we were told no rent increases mid contract but the person who heads the program sent me the form so maybe she can make an exception). I will see if I can apply for rent increases across all the rest of the homes. It is worth the few hours it will take

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  1. Looking Forward Says:

    5% would be awesome! Big Grin

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